Ball Joint Replacement

We offer a complete line of suspension services, including repairing, rebuilding, and revalving of shock absorbers, front forks, and steering dampers of all major manufacturers of motorcycle and car suspension. Besides the usual wear items, the replacement parts from PST included the aforementioned upper control arms, the torsion bar adjusting bolts and swivels, upper control arm hardware, the sway bar and hardware, and torsion bars. 28 The fork cap is locked to the cartridge rod with a lock nut.

Step 3: Loosening but not removing the strut top mounts and sway bar end link bushings can provide a bit more suspension travel for easier axle removal. 06: Disconnect the idler arm bracket from the passenger side of the frame and then use the tie rod separator to remove the control valve stud from the Pitman arm.

Remove the shock absorber and the sway bar before beginning the disassembly (I forgot -but did remove it after this picture was taken). Axle shafts are removed with an 8mm socket; rotate the axle shaft so that two bolts are removed on the inside at the top.

I'll leave you to your own devices as to how the loosen the ball joint from the knuckle because the way I do it (with a big hammer and a drift) may mess up the threads if you aren't careful. Step 7: Remove the old strut or shock. Need a service of your fork, shock absorber or steering damper?

The forks and shock are then re-assembled with all new bushings and seals, correct oil levels, nitrogen pressures. This type of spring provides the suspension required for heavier vehicles. Remove the remaining half of the front strut rod bushing. Insert the lower control arm bolt and tighten the nut on the back side.

We set the K-frame on a stand and loaded the components, starting with the sway bar, and then adding the lower control arms and struts, the lower ball joints and spindles, the upper control arm, and finally the steering linkage. Since you're replacing the spring, it's a good idea to replace the strut or shock at the same time.

Raise front of car, place frame on jack stands, remove road wheels. The reassembly is straight forward, but it is critical to put all items back in the exact same order in which you removed them. Front suspension parts eventually wear out, but this sudden onset of slop in your ball joint probably means a lubrication failure.

Before you remove this bolt and nut, place your jack stand underneath the lower control arm and crank it up until you see the spring begin to slowly compress. There are also "heavy-duty" shocks and struts with larger diameter pistons that increase resistance for greater control.

Whether it's one or two, replacing struts typically requires suspension disassembly and wheel realignment, meaning that it is a job best left to the professionals. Under that gob of undercoating, is another 15mm hex bolt, which screws into the end of the strut rod, clamping the bushings into the strut rod.

Anytime a spring wears out sooner than Suspension Disassembly it should, the vehicle will display a few common side effects , including the vehicle leaning to one side or a rough ride. Once the 21mm nut is removed, the rubber spring cushion and washer should be removed. Once the front lower control arms are removed we'll move to the rear.

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